Over the last several weeks I have received a number of comments about Damien Echols’ alleged rape by Arkansas prison guards while he was housed on death row. One comment accused me of inventing the claim—in other words, that Echols had never claimed he was raped and the claim has never appeared in the public forum.


In a December 2010 post, I mentioned this issue and made it clear that I believe Echols is an “unmitigated liar.” My information about the alleged rape came from a four-part series written by Jonesboro Sun reporter George Jared in July 2010 on the “West Memphis Three” case. In the second part of that series, Jared reported Echols’ claim that he had been raped by prison guards while on death row.


Initially, I got the Jonesboro Sun series from a “Free West Memphis Three” website.


The four articles have been removed from the site. I wonder why? I tried to access the series through the newspaper website for hyperlink in this article, but was informed I would have to pay a $7.95 registration fee to “sign up” for old/archived articles. I am not about the spend $7.95 for anything about the West Memphis Three. For those determined to “fact-check” my source of information, please feel free to do so.


“Death row” is the most maximum security unit in a prison. It is usually monitored by cameras, speaker system, and regular, as well as unsuspected, rounds by guards assigned to the unit. A male guard on a male condemned inmate is as close to impossible as you can get. In fact, in nearly 40 years of study, I have never heard of such a rape on any death row. There are routine, consensual sexual and romantic encounters between female guards and male inmates. But it is extremely rare to have a male guard sexually or romantically involved with a male inmate, much less raping one. The alleged Echols rape simply did not happen. Male guards frequently rape female inmates, but guard rapes, whether committed by male or female, on male inmates are so infrequent as to not legitimately register on any statistical scale.


In prison vernacular, Damien Echols is a “pretty boy” and would have been a booty-bandit’s “bitch” in general prison population. I cannot even conceive, much less comprehend, the prospect of any prison guard not only risking his career and paycheck but a possible stint in prison just to (sodomize Ed.) Echols in his ass. The absurdity of such a prospect boggles any rational mind which may explain why the pro-West Memphis Three website took the Jonesboro Sun series down.


While Echols may have voluntarily backed his ass up to another inmate’s cell while out on exercise and/or shower break, he was not forcibly raped on death row by any one, guard or inmate—and he is an unmitigated liar for saying he was. The only rape that occurred during Echols’ 18 years in prison was his rape of the criminal justice system, the media, and the truth. And in that regard he was a serial rapist.


Why is the rape issue even important? What bearing does it have on the guilt or innocence of the West Memphis Three?


It’s important because it goes to the character and integrity of someone who claims he was innocent, who said he was abused by the Arkansas criminal justice system, and who begged the larger society to believe him. If he lied about being raped just to enhance his media status as an “abused, innocent victim,” then he most probably lied, and continues to lie, about not killing those eight-year Cub Scouts.


I have been frequently told by West Memphis Three supporters to “get the facts” straight; to visit all those websites pro-West Memphis Three websites where those “facts” are located. I did, and it was there I found out about the alleged prison rape of Echols. So much for the “facts.”



  • James

    These WM3 supporters of convicted child killers love the idea of Echols being a rump ranger. Maybe it’s the image of him being raped they find appealing more than anything. There’s a lot of fanboys out there lol.

  • Arkansan

    Your investigative ability matches all the bumbling idiots and corrupt politicians who lead to the WM3 being wrongly incarcerated all those years. The fact that you dont believe guards would commit such atrocities just shows your stupidity and ignorance of prison brutality. Find another line of work.

  • Fuckyou


  • dave anderson

    It’s obvious by your third grade writing that you are a complete imbecile. You couldn’t investigate a bedbug. Crawl back in to whatever hole you slithered your way out of.

  • Joe

    I don’t if he was raped or not, but guards most certainly can and do rape inmates. There’s nothing stopping them from doing just about whatever they want. They’re in total control and deal with the most despised people on the planet.

    You’re extending diatribe about it being impossible is idiotic.

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