TERRY HOBBS: VICTIM OR MURDERER? by Billy Sinclair, 09-12-12


The one thing that never ceases to amaze me about West Memphis Three supporters is their hypocrisy in trying to shift blame for the horrific murders of the three 8-year-old Cub Scouts—Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore—to other people. First, there was the bloody black man dubbed “Mr. Bojanles” reportedly seen near the crime scene on the evening of the murders. Second, there was John Mark Byers, the father of Christopher and the first person to report the boys missing, who became a suspect after he gave a bloody knife to Paradise Lost filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. Byers was ultimately ruled out as a suspect by most WM3 supporters after he joined their ranks in calling for the release of the WM3 while pointing an accusatory finger of guilt at Terry Hobbs.

That’s why WM3 supporters finally settled on Hobbs as the prime suspect in the murder of the three boys. Hobbs was the stepfather of Stevie Branch. The finger-pointing charge against him was led by his disgruntled ex-wife, Pam Hicks. Her suspicions against Hobbs was fueled by the alleged discovery of a knife in Hobbs’ nightstand. The knife belonged to Stevie and was always carried by the child, according to Hicks. The knife was discovered by Hicks and her sister, Jo Lynn McCauhey. Apparently at some point after the knife discovery, McCauhey told her sister that she had seen Hobbs washing clothes, bed linens and curtains from Stevie’s room at “around the time of the murders.” There is no explanation (1) as to why McCauhey was alone with Hobbs in his residence at “around the time of the murders” or (2) why McCauhey did not question Hobbs about the “odd” clothes washing and/or (3) why she did not immediately report her suspicions to her sister. But this “evidence” was sufficient for WM3 supporters like the disenfranchised country music star, Natalie Maines, who flatly accused Hobbs of murdering the three boys before she became a virtual recluse. 

The trumped-up case against Hobbs escalated after the WM3 defense team had two strains of hair found at the crime scene DNA tested. The hairs did not match any of the WM3. Test results of one of the hairs confined it to 1.5% of the population. Hobbs’ hair is in that population group. Test results of the second hair confined it to 7% of the population. David Jacoby’s hair is in that population group. Although not close friends, Hobbs and Jacoby worked together and sometimes socialized together. Law enforcement has ruled both men out as suspects in the murders.

The suspicions against Hobbs reached a crescendo of hysteria earlier this year after New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson released his documentary, “West of Memphis.” Jackson, a longtime WM3 supporter, presented “three new witnesses” who claim that Terry Hobbs’ nephew, Michael Hobbs Jr., told them “my uncle Terry murdered those three little boys.” One WM3 attorney, Stephen Braga, disgracefully charged that the double hearsay statements by the three witnesses pointed to Hobbs as the real killer. The basis for Braga’s unsupportable assertion is that the three “so-called” witnesses passed polygraph tests.

First, polygraph tests are notoriously unreliable. Courts, for very good reasons, rarely allow the admission of such tests results into evidence. Second, what is so outrageous about attaching credibility to the positive polygraph results of the three witnesses is that Damien Echols failed a polygraph test after his arrest for the murder of the three boys. Thus, WM3 supporters want the public to accept the preposterous notion that the polygraph results of the three witnesses are credible while the negative result of Echols is not. Finally, assuming Michael Hobbs Jr. told the three witnesses that his “Uncle Terry murdered those three boys” does not make it a “fact” and would be inadmissible in any court in the land. That’s because the statement came from Michael Hobbs Jr.’s father, Michael Hobbs, the brother of Terry, who reportedly told his son that “Uncle Terry murdered those three boys.” It should be pointed out that the three witnesses, as admitted by Braga, did not come forward with their assertion until after Michael Hobbs Jr. “snitched” on them to the police about some matter.

Peter Jackson apparently got so consumed in producing the fantasy “Lord of the Rings” that he cannot separate reality from fantasy, fact from fiction. Braga, of course, has self-serving reasons for doing a Tiny Tim “tiptoeing through the tulips” jig in the public square because he would love to see the WM3 exonerated for the horrific murders they in fact committed. It is shameful, shocking that any criminal defense attorney would attach public credibility to such flimsy, unsupportable evidence that Terry Hobbs killed those three boys based on the statements of three vindictive witnesses.

Terry Hobbs is a bad person. He has few, if any, redeemable qualities. But he did not kill Stevie Branch, Michael Moore, and Christopher Byers on May 5, 1993 in West Memphis, Arkansas. Those boys were murdered by Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley. They all confessed to the murders under various circumstances and finally pled guilty to the crimes. Any objective analysis of the evidence indicates an overwhelming evidence of guilt against the WM3 when compared to the flimsy evidence against Terry Hobbs.


  • Douglas

    You’re an idiot Billy Sinclair, and as blind and gullible as most of the toothless hillbillies in West Memphis.

  • JDV

    Terry Hobbs killed those children & sad to say if Pam Hobbs ever wants Justice she is going to have to take care of him herself. He deserves to die and Pam, I’m sorry but your choices are limited. Every year older I got, the less Terry Hobbs life would be worth. Personally, I would kill that vile degenerate piece of gutter trash, myself. “Many good books have been written in prison” ~ Hunter S Thompson ~

  • noon

    the turtles are real and squash jessie’s confessions into nothing.

    jessie is innocent. he had a false memory created in him and believed himself there but he wasn’t.
    jacoby is innocent.
    jason is innocent.

    then it becomes clear than jerry driver and steve jones were responsible for blaming damien. they were paranoid about satanism and didn’t like damien for a long time. when the murders happened straight away they were like ‘aha! damien has struck!’ from their paranoia.

    damien has lied, has and had mental issues, and was a weirdo, but he didn’t kill anyone. he got railroaded.

    so who did it? how can you say 100%? well 1.5% is pretty small and he was recently at the other hair’s house.. you can’t say 100% but he’s the most likely.

  • Logan

    Its so transparent, the stepfather killed the boys with his buddy the neighbor, who knows about the black guy maybe he tried to stop them…why are they not in jail?

  • Jay

    Becky. If you read all the facts to this case and still believe that the WM3 are guilty then you were not reading the correct facts. Three teenagers, at the time, one being borderline retarded and the other two not the brightest bulbs on the tree, could commit such a horrendous crime and not leave behind one shred of physical evidence, not one. To believe that is nonsensical. The people that actually committed this crime did leave behind physical evidence, as hard as they tried not to, Terry Wayne Hobbs and David Jacoby did. The only thing that I’m having trouble with is if David Jacoby was actually there or if Hobbs transferred his hair to the crime scene. If there was “secondary transfer” it was Hobbs transferring Jacoby’s hair not one of the boys transferring Hobbs’ hair to the crime scene. If I was a betting man I would put my money on Jacoby was there too. They were probably smoking meth and blowing each other in the woods and the boys were spying on them and then the boys got caught and then Hobbs and Jacoby beat the living shit out of them until they were no longer living. That makes a hell of a lot more sense than a satanic ritual killing commited by three teenagers at 6:30 pm in almost broad daylight on a Wednesday. People that have read this case completely and still believe that the WM3 are guilty have very little to no common sense. There should be some sort of IQ test people have to take before they can sit on jury especially a capital murder case where there are people’s lives on the line and I say that with all due respect and seriousness.

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