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The Smiley Face Killers: who is Abducting, Torturing and Murdering College-Aged Men in the US and UK? For over twenty years, college aged men in the United States and the United Kingdom have disappeared after a night of drinking, only to be found dead, often many days later, in bodies of water. However, evidence exists that indicates many of the these dead young men did not die by accident, but were actually abducted, held for a period of time, murdered, then deposited in bodies of water with the intent to deceive local authorities into thinking the young men drowned. 


These types of deaths, all fitting the same modus operandi, are commonly referred to as the Smiley Face Killings. Often, investigators have found graffiti near the scene of the crime, frequently with the Smiley Face symbol. In the documentary, William Ramsey will discuss many of the cases, including some that have occurred recently.  He will also reveal possible perpetrators and their motives for these murders.  This film will educate the public and save lives.